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Battambang, Siam Reap, Kompong Cham

Scene and Culture

Cambodia is still a country coming to terms with 30 years of war as well as an horrific period of genocide in the 70's. Gay and lesbian visitors should not expect too much. A small gay scene however is gradually developing for example in 2004 Phnom Penh held there second annual LGBT party and there are now two gay bars in the capital called Salt Bar and Linga. The concept of homosexuality does not exist in Khymer culture. Sex acts between same-sex partners is usually accepted, and is not defined as homosexuality. There are thus no definitions in the Khymer language for heterosexuals or homosexuals or bisexuals. Whilst there are a few people who can be described as "gay", these people have usually had contact with the West. In terms of gender Kymer people differentiate between men, women, and what they call "neutral" ie. transgenders and transvestites. It is expected that people get married to produce children as an important expectation from society and culture.

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Legal Notes

There is no legal discrimination and same-sex relationships between women and between men are legal. There are no laws or court decisions that prohibit such relationships. There is no difference between laws governing homo and hetero sexual prostitution.


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Cambodia has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. There is the dry season (November to April) which is the best time to visit Cambodia and the monsoon season (May to October). Temperatures and humidity are high throughout the year.

In Phnom Penh average monthly rain is highest in October at 257 mm and lowest in January with 7 mm. The average annual temperature for Phnom Penh is 27c all year.

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