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Plovdiv, Varna

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Despite the negative attitude of Bulgarian society towards gays and lesbians and the closeted nature of so many gays the situation has improved a lot for gays and lesbians in Bulgaria in recent years. Several gay bars, clubs, discos and sex shops have been opened, gay magazine and books have been published and even gay dating agencies set up.

The independent private media now report on gay events, the national and the private television channels cast films with gay themes and gay movies are shown in the cinemas. In addition some famous Bulgarians have come out. Gay and lesbian visitors will find Bulgaria enormously improved.

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Legal Notes

The age of consent was recently equalised for straights and gays in June 2002 . In addition all wording in the criminal law that defines homosexuality as a perversion and criminalises such acts in public have been abolished. Sexual crimes now no longer mention sexuality and gays and straights are treated equally in the criminal law. In 2004 anti-discrimination legislation was introduced banning discrimination on a number of grounds, including race, sex, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation. There are no plans to introduce any partnership legislation


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The best time to visit Bulgaria is May to September. Be warned that Bulgaria has a continental climate so summers are hot and winters very cold.

In the south the climate is more Mediterranean with winters that are milder and moister. On the coastal fringes of the Black Sea winters are slightly warmer but the northeast winds from Russia blow cold air causing cold spells. Average annual rainfall is 630 mm and average temperature ranges in Sofia are from -4c to 2c in January to 16c to 27c in July