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Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi

Scene and Culture

Belgium is a mainstream West European country. The position for gays and lesbians in Belgium is very liberal following closely behind the Netherlands. There is a large scene in the main cities particulary Brussels and Antwerp. We were particularly impressed with the Saunas in Brussels.

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Legal Notes

There are no specific laws in Belgium regarding gay men or lesbians. Only one law has ever explicitly applied namely Article 372 (2) of the penal code provided for a discriminatory age of consent. After years of lobbying this law was repealed in 1985.

In 1999 Belgium introduced anti-discrimination legislation which included equal rights for same sex couples. In 2003 Belgium becomes the second country in Europe to introduce laws allowing same-sex marriages. Gay and lesbian couples have the same rights as heterosexual ones, notably inheritance rights, although it does not allow them to adopt children. The law does not limit such marriages to Belgian Citizens. The new law modified Belgium’s civil code to include a clause stating, “Two people of different or the same sex can contract a marriage.”


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The best time to visit Belgium is during the summer months of May to September

Belgium has a cool and temperate climate with strong maritime influences. The lowland areas are characterised by changing winds, summer thunderstorms with drizzle and an overcast sky. The northwest area is characterised by a mild climate with fog. The interior experiences more extreme summers while winters in the upland regions are colder and have greater frost and rain. Average annual rainfall varies from 510 to 760 mm to 1,200 mm in the hills of the south. Average temperature ranges in Brussels are from -1c to 4c in January to 12c to 23c in July

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