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Being a small island nation there is not much of gay scene in the Bahamas. There is no obvious gay community and no gay nightlife to speak of. There are pockets of homophobia but the government has very publicly repudiated such prejudice.

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Legal Notes

"The 1991 "Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act" states that sexual activity between consenting adults of the same sex is not an offence in private but is an offence in a public place punishable by up to 20 years in prison. This law clearly discriminate against homosexuals and has been enforced in the past by the authorities.

In Spring 1998 christian preachers led demonstrations against visits by cruise liners with lesbians/gay passengers. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham responded in a televised speech which countered the homophobia induced hysteria and said that his government rejected bias in any that it found discrimination repugnant and repudiated hate mongering.




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The Bahamas is sub-tropical with two distinct seasons namely the drier winter season from December to April and the wetter and more humid summer season from May to November. Most visitors will find the winter season more comfortable with lower temperatures and less rain

Average annual precipitation is 1,320 mm and most rainfall occurs between May to June and September to October. The hurricane season which lasts from June to November does experience gale force winds, although normally wind rarely exceeds 24 kmph. Average temperature ranges in Nassau are from 18c to 25c in February to 24c to 32c in August.

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