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Buenos Aires

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Scene and Culture

Buenos Aires is probably the most liberal and gay friendly city in Latin America. Here you will find a large and sophisticated gay scene. We were very impressed with Buenos Aires which has a scene that we felt compared very favourably to any similar sized city in Europe or North America. There are loads of gay bars, restaurants and clubs, several saunas and even a raunchy sex club. the only down side is that being a Latin country everything is of course really late and most bars don`t get started until well after midnight.

We think the combination of a vibrant scene and a distinct "European" feel will make gay and lesbian visitors comfortable. Recent liberalisation in the laws effecting gays and lesbians plus the devaluation of the Peso has prompted a boom in gay tourism particularly from the United States.

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Legal Notes

While no law in Argentina specifically criminalises homosexuality in the past gays were harassed by the police using ancient edicts to harass individuals they considered "dangerous". However, in 1999 these edicts were dramatically curtailed and nowadays the police can not detain citizens for "offending morals" etc. Note that street prostitution remain an offence.

In recent years there has been huge progress (particularly in Buenos Aires) with several anti-discrimination measures being passed. In 1996 measures forbidding discrimination on the basis of amongst other things sexual orientation were introduced, making Buenos Aires the first Spanish-speaking city in Latin America to do so.

In 2003, the local government of Buenos Aires approved same sex civil union and again was the first city in Latin America to do this. In July 2003 first same sex unions were celebrated.


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Argentina is in the southern hemisphere making it a winter destination.

Most of the country lies in the shadow of the Andes. As the prevailing westerly winds lose their moisture and descend into Argentina temperatures increase while humidity decreases.

As a whole, the climate varies from a humid sub-tropical climate in the north with the central semi-arid Pampa ranging from a tropical to a moderately cool climate. The southern area of the country is sub-arctic. Rainfall diminishes from east to west with snow rarely falling. Average temperature ranges in Buenos Aires are from -5c to 14c in June to 17c to 29c in January

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