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The British Virgin Islands is a British dependency in the Caribbean consisting of 36 islands. The island are very small with a tiny population so no real gay scene exists though in common with other Carribean island being close to the US means they get many gay and lesbian visitors.

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Legal Notes

A recent turn down of a gay cruise in another British dependency, the Cayman Islands, stirred up some emotions both among pro and anti-gays.

The media focus on this case made the British government demand that its Carribean colonies legalise gay sex. Otherwise, they might place the United Kingdom at risk of being found in violation of its international human-rights agreements. In particular then Foreign Secretary Robin Cook in 1999 said Britain would demand changes in the law of a minority of the so-called Overseas Territories which still forbade homosexual acts in private. Cook said he wanted those territories which ban homosexual acts between consenting adults including the British Virgin Islands to change their laws. He said that if they did not do so voluntarily, Britain would impose the required changes. Subsequently in January 2001,The British government, after nearly a decade of cajoling, unilaterally repealed local laws against homosexuality.




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The British Virgin Islands have a subtropical climate which are tempered by easterly trade winds.The best time to visit is December to March when its drier and cooler but you can probably go any time of the year.

There is relatively low humidity and little seasonal temperature variation. The average temperature in December is 25c and in June it is 28c. The rainy season is from May to November.

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