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In common with other South East Asian countries the Vietnamese are reasonabley tolerant of homosexuality. Over the last 10 years Vietnam has become more free and life has become much easier for gays and lesbians though. In 2002 the government media declared homosexuality a social evil and there was a short lived campaign against gays and lesbians. Notwithstanding this there has been a burgeoning gay scene developing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and to a lesser extent a smaller scene in Hanoi. In both cities various bars and clubs have opened catering to gays. On our visit to Vietnam we were very impressed. Vietnam is incredibly different to the rest of Asia almost stuck in a time warp and looking like how you always imagined Asia. Vietnamese are very friendly and with the ever improving gay scene we think Vietnam is strongly to be recommended.

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Legal Notes

Homosexuality has never been explicitly illegal in Vietnam. The current Penal Code doesn't mention homosexuality; indeed, it seems that there is no mention of homosexuality in Vietnamese law. Prostitution in any form is prohibited. However crimes such as "undermining public morality" (similar to "public indecency" or "soliciting" in certain other jurisdictions) can be used to prosecute homosexual conduct. Prostitution is illegal. In 1998 Vietnam's national assembly banned gay marriage, following two highly publicised lesbian marriages which local officials had been unable to stop. There is no legal protection of gays such as anti discrimination law.


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The best time of year to visit North Vietnam is October to March whereas the south is best visited November to March. Vietnam has a tropical climate in the south that ranges to subtropical in the north, while both are dominated by the monsoons. North Vietnam is characterized by a hot and humid wet season from mid May to mid September as well as a warm and humid dry season from mid October to mid March with two short transition periods. In the south the seasons come later and in Central Vietnam rainfall is heaviest between September and January when the coast is subject to tropical storms. Average annual precipitation in Hanoi is 1,830 mm with areas in the Annamite Mountains exceeding 4,060 mm. Average temperature ranges in Hanoi are from 17c in January to 29c in June.