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No Country has made more effort marketing itself as a gay friendly destination, and with Zurich still clearing up the debris from this year's Europride extravaganza, Switzerland should be hitting our radar harder that a circuit boy hist the floor at the end of a Miami White Party.
Lucerne is a lovely lakeside naval, bang in the middle of the country, flanked by the snow capped Alps. Its cobblestone streets, medieval wooden bridges and unblemished frescoed , ancient guildhouses make it a quintessential Swiss experience.

The Rosengart collection boasts one of the finest assortments of Picasso paintings.
Enjoy the food - it is not all chesse and chocolate. In the Jasper restaurant of the Luzern Palace Hotel you can find a touch of Mediterranean . Click on Swiss Tourism under Related Links below to visit Myswitzerland for more information on Lucerne, Switzerland and getting there via rail or air.

Andrew Copestake - This article appears in full in GT August 2009 issue 371

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