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Looking for gay bars, pubs, clubs, saunas, hotels and services? Check out the listings by area below, from the UK to around the world. Feel free to suggest new venues or groups we may have missed. All new entries and amendments will be moderated my GT staff before going online.

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United Kingdom/Ireland

UK and Ireland's gay bars, pubs, clubs, saunas, hotels and services. For over 30 years Gay Times has been the place to go for definitive gay info. Want to know what's going on in your area? Check out our Agenda page!

Rest of the world

Who knows better about a city's gay scene than the people living there? Thousands of people in over 100 countries have put informative local gay guides on line. With country profiles and top travel tips from the pages of GT magazine.

Best of the web

Taken from our UK and world guides, you’ll find a selection of the best of the gay worldwide web.