Last month we launched GT socializer. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, here's the low down from one of the faces behind the network, GT socializer Communications Manager, Lloyd Phillips.

So, what's GT socializer all about?

In a nutshell - it's a social discovery network to connect GT readers offline through days and nights out.

How does it work?

If you've got a free weekend or fancy meeting some new faces, log on to the site to see what's being organised around you and book on when you're free to join in. Or if there's something you fancy organising, Saturday drinks, a pub lunch or a trip to a gallery, just post your own plans up and see who's free to join you.

Where did the idea come from?

There's so many sites geared around dating and casual hook-ups, we wanted to create a community where guys could meet new people and build a network of friends at group days and nights out. We're purely focussed around meeting friends with common interests as opposed to dating one on one.

What type of guys sign up?

Anyone who wants to make more of their spare time, and discover their city. We've got members who've just relocated or whose friends are all settling down, and others who simply want to make new friends with similar interests or just fancy an impromptu night out.

How do GT readers get involved?

Now that we've got lots of new members on board we're on the hunt for outgoing hosts to help us organise activities and post up the kind of things GT readers would like to see and do.

GT socializer is looking for sociable, outgoing guys with a gift for bringing people together. To be the face of GT socializer and help us organise some kick-ass nights out, contact: