With two anthems under their belt and an album out next week, Parade are just a little bit excited. GT catches up with the UK’s most promising girl band to talk Twitter, Mini Cheddars and their haunted house.

Most new bands have a gimmick; whether it’s a reality TV show or an already high-profile member. How have you tackled this since you started out?

Sian: We’re still overcoming it to be honest. It does always seem to be a big battle because everyone else seems to have this big push, this backing behind them. We have really relied on social networking, and it’s so good that the internet has become so powerful now. We’ve really capitalised on that and we’re so lucky we have had that the success we’ve had. So we’re really grateful to the fans.

Jessica: When you hear that we’re not getting played on radio you’d automatically think, “well that’s it”. Usually a hit isn’t a hit unless it’s played on the radio. But we didn’t get one play and got into the top 10. We have always said from the beginning that it’s nice to have the support we have got, but there should be more girl bands because at the minute there’s just The Saturdays.

What are your thoughts of The X Factor’s Little Mix?

Lauren: The biggest thing with a show like that is to try and get people to be able to relate to them. It is so much harder with a group because you’re interacting with four people instead of just one. It’s four times as difficult for any viewer, so for Tulisa to try and get across that the girls are just like you, it’s been a great angle.

What’s a night out with Parade like?

Bianca: We are going out increasingly often but there was a time when we would just sit in front of the TV and be really dull. It really wasn’t hardcore. We’re not really Central London club people, we’d rather go to a bar in Camden.

Emily: It’s really nice when we’ve been doing a performance on the road, to go out afterwards. Because you’re still buzzing from a performance. The unexpected ones always seem to be the best.

What are the nicest things about your fans?

Emily: They make stuff, and anything we’ve tweeted that we’ve liked, they’ll remember it and then give it to us. Sian said she liked Mini Cheddars and now we literally have a year’s supply of Mini Cheddars. But the best thing is when the audience knows your song, and they’re singing it back to you. You could never get sick of hearing that. That’s one of our proudest moments. I would play G-A-Y every single week if we could. We performed there on the night that Louder was released, and it was just one of the best nights ever. It makes you enjoy performing so much more, you start inviting people up on stage. We absolutely love our gay fan base.

What was recording the album like?

Jessica: We were in LA for the recording, and we were in the studio next door to Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson. Chris Brown would see us every day and all we would be doing was sunbathing outside in the car park. They were all partying, having drinks, with the dogs, the mum, the nan. But it was just the five of us in LA, all alone.

After supporting Shakira, Alexandra Burke and Westlife, is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

Bianca: We always say we’d love to work with Nicki Minaj because she’s just amazing. But it’s just such a great time for British music at the moment with acts like Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Adele. They’re doing so well. So we’re really proud to be from Britain and representing British music at the moment, mainly because it’s really, really strong.

Jessica: I think that a couple of years ago UK acts were in the charts but they were trying to emulate what the States were doing. Once the Jessies and the Adeles came out, and Tinie Tempah was still rapping in a London accent, and Jessie J is singing in her style, and Adele just did her own thing, I think the States realised what was going on.

Sian: It’s become cool to be British. I think people used to think we were a bit stiff and uncool, but now they love the accent and have totally embraced it.

We hear your house is haunted...

Laura: I don’t believe it. Unless I see one then I won’t believe it.

Bianca: Our house is haunted. That’s just a fact. Things go on it that house.

Jessica: The ghost is called Mary, she’s only little. She lives in Bianca’s room but she sleeps in Sian’s.

Emily: And then in the middle of the night you’ll hear her stomping around upstairs. It’s probably Lauren going around knocking on our doors.

Parade is out on 14 November.

Words: Guy Pewsey