Jonny Woo on Vauxhall Skate

Turning up late for work after a heavy night is hardly ever a desirable circumstance. Nevertheless, the risk of grey half-moons under the eyes and a verbal bashing from the boss might be worth it next Wednesday 29 July, as Vauxhall Skate rolls up to London’s East End.

Dressing the roller disco in the loud and fashionable garb of the Capital’s club scene, Vauxhall Skate features Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Remi Nicole, Alfie Allen, Queens of Noize, the ascendant Florence Welch and Carl Barat. All this pales, however, in comparison to the hilarious, kitsch-fabulous Vauxhall Corsa roller skates guests will be ensure that when you fall on your arse, you will at least look good.

Drag and performance artist Jonny Woo will be hosting, and we grabbed a quick chat with the acerbic queen of alternative drag.

What will you be wearing to the event?

I’ve just bought myself a little Giles Deacon swimsuit from New Look as a starter for ten, some boxing gloves and a sailor hat. I like the gloves, they’re a bit more aggressive – a different way of doing drag.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I can’t wait to meet Florence Welch and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and I always have fun with Queens of Noize who are djing.

What are you up to at the moment?

I’m working on performance art and music at the moment, I’ve got a single coming out in October called Faggot. I’m working on some new characters as well that I’m working on, who I’ll be premiering this Autumn.

How is the drag scene in London developing at the moment?

There are a lot of people being very creative, and I’ve got about 10 years on them all. Jodie Harsh and others get a bad press, but it’s something different, they attract people to a club and people doing something different should be applauded.

How’s your health [Woo developed acute liver failure in 2006 after hard-partying]?

All I’m going to say is she can have a drink on a Friday night as long as she knows when to go home.

Vauxhall Skate will be held at Village Underground, Shoreditch, 8pm till late. RSVP to – this is the ONLY way to confirm your place. Lucky attendees will be chosen at random and notified on the 27th July via email.
Words: Liam O'Brien