Charlie Le Mindu

Gay Times caught up with Charlie Le Mindu, Lady Gaga’s one-time stylist and wig-maker extraordinaire to the stars…

Hair is the most versatile element of the human image, it frames the face, it exudes energy, hair speaks to people, and so wild hair has always been of paramount importance to popstars, hair sells. But in a digital age where celebrity culture moves faster than journalists can type and new songs are released quicker than they can be sung, how can hairstyles keep up with the egos and ambitions of the 21st century? Answer = Charlie Le Mindu.

A-Listers and editors are left gaping in awe at the iconographic history that Charlie Le Mindu is weaving. The world’s most visual stars are queuing to have their famous heads plonked under one of Charlie’s fabulous barnets, and his creations can be seen across the charts. One minute he’ll do Peaches up to look like an auburn heap of pre-raphaelite electro skank, the next day he’ll spin out one of Gaga’s most monolithic mops, marching her off with it fearlessly into the mainstream.

Charlie made a name for himself sending models down the catwalk naked except for their psychopathically large wigs. His wigs sometimes envelope and engulf the wearer, he has women wearing wigs across their whole bodies, walking through their own wigs, indeed - being walked by their wigs.

So we caught up with criminally cool Charlie for a chat when he was in London last month promoting his new show Charlie’s Treatment.

Greetings Mr Le Mindu. When did you first see a wig and think 'Wow'?

Well it was obviously on my mum, when she gave birth to me, it looked like I was wearing an afro. Otherwise it’s my idol Cher, she is soooo amazing, I wish she’d adopted me! Haha!

Who’s the greatest wig-wearer of them all?

Nina Hagen has the best wigs!

Can hair be too gay? Is there something to be said about a boy with just nice normal hair?

Hair is definitely not gay, gay is in the attitude. Look at Bieber babe, he looks like a lesbian and he is St-rr-Aight!

Tell us about Peaches.

I love Peaches, she is one of the people I love most in the world. It started in Berlin when I was doing this crazy pop-up Salon in a nightclub ran by her boyfriend Conny. It was an amazing experience, Peaches came up to me in this dark room where I was doing clubbers’ hair and she liked my style, took me onboard, and that’s it – we’re friends now. I love everything about Peaches, she is incredible.

Drag queens are an important part of wig culture. Are you a fan of drag?

No not really, well - it depends. The drag people I like I (delete) don't really seem to be drag queens to me, like they’re not old school drag, like I love Andre J, it’s just him and I love it. Of course old drag queens can make you laugh, but can I tell you a secret?


(Whispers, deadly serious) I have a phobia of Christmas and drag queens remind me of Christmas trees.

Moving on - I remember being turned on by this Pierre et Giles portrait of a naked young man facing a mirror in a white period wig. Do elaborate wigs and sex go?

Wigs and sex for me is the same! Sex is the most important market in the world and one of my biggest inspirations, from vanilla to S&M, all the inspiration is there in my work. Sex! Wigs! Sex!

Have you heard of Whigfield?

What like Saturday Night? The 90s hit? Hehe. I’m more of a depressive type and listen to stuff like Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday.

Describe the most reckless party you've ever been to…

I think it was NYE this year to be honest, oh my God I had so much fun and met someone really cool people. It was with my best friend Anna, partying all night, so good I can’t remember it.

What do we think of Simon Cowell's hair?

His hairdresser is the best in the world I just can’t understand it though - a flat top with a middle parting? Still, better than Grace Jones.

Finally, which guy has the sexiest hair in the world RIGHT NOW?


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Words: Jack Cullen